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Two Dried Leaves

Our Principles

At TealCo we are committed to putting the greater thriving of life at the centre of everything we do. We constantly seek to exemplify what it means to be a truly regenerative organisation. Our Principles act as our coordinates on this journey, guiding us towards a different way of being. They are never static, but instead always changing and evolving, as we are.

"If we're going somewhere different, let's go there differently"  (Nora Bateson)

"Nothing can be created outside until it is created inside first"  (Illarion Mercuiff)

We create conditions for the greater thriving of life,

all life, both now and in the future

We inter-are

We see the world as a web of relationships. Everything is connected with and dependent on everything else. Nothing is separate. In our work we ask ourselves “What about the whole?”

We are stewards of our own thriving

Only we know what we truly need to thrive. We are all capable of thriving. We support each other to explore what thriving looks like for us and to create conditions for that to be realized

How we work matters

We work from a place of love, abundance and spaciousness. By being examples of the change we want to see in the world we are helping to bring that change about

Diversity is rooted in safety

All people are of equal worth and all people are different. Our community is richest when it incorporates a true diversity of experience and thought. We seek to create conditions where members feel able to contribute in their distinctive ways by building long-term, balanced and reciprocal relationships

Nature is our ultimate teacher

We take our inspiration, guidance and lead from nature. Whenever we have questions or challenges, we ask “what would nature do?”

Vulnerability is courage

We see vulnerability as bravery and support ourselves and each other to be honest, ask questions of each other, give each other feedback, challenge each other and admit when we don’t know

We trust each other

to make choices in line with these principles without being told or managed: We each take responsibility for our individual and collective health and the health of the organization. Until proven otherwise, we relate to one another with an assumption of positive intent

Adaptability is resilience

We work nimbly and in ways that make it easy for us to adapt. Where things can be simple and light, we keep them simple and light

Ideas are more valuable when they are shared

We are generous with our knowledge, experience and ideas in service of the whole

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