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Assessing the Landscape


Regeneration Assessments help organisations to view their existing practices holistically and identify key areas for attention and improvement

Systems Mapping exercises allow organisations to perceive the systems in which they are embedded, the connections, flows and feedback loops that shape their internal and external context

Preparing the Soil


Engagement Workshops, Dialogues, Convenings and Training support organisations to have generative conversations with and learn from the different parts of their system

Digging deeper through focused research and engagement into key topics or areas help organisations to identify key opportunities for improvement and action

Co-development of shared stories to guide and unite diverse parts of the organisational system

Planting the Seeds


Co-development and implementation of targeted experiments operationalising regenerative practice within the organisation and its system

These could for example relate to shifts in internal culture, systems of waste, product design, supply chain engagement and much more

"Organisational Permaculture" to establish the ongoing processes of learning, continuous improvement and stewardship

Speaking and contributing


Customized keynote speeches, conference presentations, workshops, podcasts, webinars, articles

We are powerful and creative speakers, facilitators and writers who can adapt our messages to a range of contexts. We draw on our experience to craft inspiring messages on regenerative business, human rights and business, what we can learn from nature, organisations as ecosystems, leadership and much more

We are not interested in ticking boxes or windowdressing

We are interested in working with organisations that truly want to be part of a different future.

Adopting regenerative practices requires a willingness to think holistically, engage with complexity and have tough conversations.

The route to regenerative will also look different for every organisation.

If you have an idea of what your organisation needs, please get in touch and we will be delighted to discuss how we and our community could support you.

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